Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why we love Sarah!

"She walks the walk on Iraq as well.  Track joined the Army.  He is going to Iraq.  Sarah and Todd are laying their most precious possession, the life of their child, in harm's way for the sake of freedom.  Sarah Palin, like John McCain, can tell the American people that they know precisely what sort of sacrifices we all must be willing to make if America is to be safe and free.  The contrast between McCain-Palin and Obama-Biden on the personal sacrifices made for America is profound."

"The biggest catch, though, is Palin herself.  She seems utterly genuine.  Her life story sounds familiar and comforting.  Her words come from her heart.  Her ideas come from a mind not trapped in Beltway Newspeak.  We want change?  She is change.  More than just change, though, Sarah Palin represents change for the better.  She personifies all the goodness in America which we seem to have lost.  Her election will be a shot across the bow of every entrenched politician in the federal government.   As a nominee, Sarah works."