Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vice Presidency & Motherhood

It's just amazing how all of sudden we are debating the effectiveness of "working mothers". There are many politicians who had babies and run for an office, so why are they raising the question now? Here is the latest article on Gov. Sarah Palin little baby in New York Times.

"No one has ever tried to combine presidential politics and motherhood in quite the way Ms. Palin is doing, and it is no simple task. In the last week, the criticism she feared in Alaska has exploded into a national debate. On blogs and at PTA meetings, voters alternately cheer and fault her balancing act, and although many are thrilled to see a child with special needs in the spotlight, some accuse her of exploiting Trig for political gain.

But her son has given Ms. Palin, 44, a powerful message.
Other candidates kiss strangers’ babies; Ms. Palin has one of her own. He is tangible proof of Ms. Palin’s anti-abortion convictions, which have rallied social conservatives, and her belief that women can balance family life with ambitious careers. And on Wednesday in St. Paul, she proclaimed herself a guardian of the nation’s disabled children.

Children with special needs inspire a special love,” Ms. Palin said, echoing the message she had shared at the shower."