Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin A Frontier Woman

Camille Paglia is well respected feminist and she may be changing her vote from Obama to Palin. She has written a great article and I hope you will find time to read it. Here is a short excerpt:
"It is certainly premature to predict how the Palin saga will go. I may not agree a jot with her about basic principles, but I have immensely enjoyed Palin's boffo performances at her debut and at the Republican convention, where she astonishingly dealt with multiple technical malfunctions without missing a beat. A feminism that cannot admire the bravura under high pressure of the first woman governor of a frontier state isn't worth a warm bucket of spit."

By the way, regarding lipstick comment which obama thinks is "blown up issue", Democrats website called her pig on August 30th. So this was not an innocent mistake as Obama wants us to believe. Here is the the link before they yanked it from their website.