Friday, September 19, 2008

How is Gov. Palin Different?

Media is trying so hard to understand the reason behind Palin's popularity, but it's so simple for me. It's her authenticity. It's time to have someone in the White House where "We The People" can relate to. I am just glad that she is not a Lawyer!

Here is another view of Governor written by an Australian:

"Palin is different. Sure, she is a political animal, a natural, and her personae and story have been given a polish, as all political personaes and stories invariably do. But inside, there is a sufficient core of what my friend called “authenticity” to make her stand out from the usual crowd of suits wanting to have your baby and kiss your vote (or maybe the other way around, but who would notice?). Quite apart from her ability to energize the conservative base, and hopefully broaden the ticket’s appeal to women, she could well prove to have a special appeal that reaches well beyond what has been the traditional Republican catchment area. Only time will tell, but come the November election, we could see the emergence of a small but electorally significant number of Palin Democrats: small town and suburban, often blue-collar and unionized, socially conservative and patriotic, family oriented men and women who see in her their wife, mother, sister or a best friend."