Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin 'governed from the center,' went after big oil

For 10 days,the main stream media, wanted us to believe that Governor Sarah Palin is some sort of right-wing politician,but according to USA today's article. Here is an excerpt:
But in her 21 months as governor, Palin has taken few steps to advance culturally conservative causes. Instead, after she knocked off an incumbent amid an influence-peddling scandal linked to the oil industry, Palin pursued a populist agenda that toughened ethics rules and raised taxes on oil and gas companies.

And she did so while relying on Democratic votes in the Legislature.

"She has governed from the center," says Rebecca Braun, author of Alaska Budget Report, a non-partisan political newsletter. "She has in some small ways supported her religious views — for example, proposing money to continue the office of faith-based and community initiatives — but she has actually been conspicuously absent on social issues. She came in with a big oil and gas agenda, which really required Democratic allies to get through."
Now, here is the "CHANGE" we can trust.  Read the whole article which has more detailed list of her accomplishments. Click here