Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reaction to Palin Interview

A couple of reactions to Governor Sarah Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson:

POLITICO: Final score: McCain wins the day. "Sarah Palin confronted a major obstacle in her interview with Charlie Gibson - her first one-on-one as a vice presidential candidate - and appears to have held her own."

TalkLeft: "Indeed, her eventual answer to the question is extremely sensible (unlike Bush and McCain's actual policies) and smart politics. She did not accept the premise of Gibson's question and then gave a sensible answer to the question." Also, a suggestion that fellow lefty blogs aren't helping the side by engaging in over-the-top responses, a piece of excellent advice that is sure to be ignored.

Both bloggers are left leaning bloggers. So I guess she did great. I thought she was to the point and she came across "real" and "authentic". She is the "change" we've been waiting for!