Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Read about Sarah

Here is the Book we've been waiting for. You can buy it here.

"In 2006 an angel-faced but tough 42-year-old former small-town mayor named Sarah Palin became a long-shot candidate for Alaska governor demanding a higher ethical standard in state government. The timing of her reform message and a widening scandal produced a tornado that reshaped the political landscape. Surprising everyone, Palin thumped by wide margins both a sitting governor in the Republican primary election and a former governor in the general election to become Alaska's first female chief executive and its youngest ever. "

Let's not forget she is 80% approval rating in Alaska after 2 years of governing.  

UPDATE: "Sarah" is now, after 1pm Pacific, at #10 on Amazon's sales chart; it's the only biography in the top 10.