Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Palin and Fannie/Freddie Mess

Today, Gov. Sarah Palin had this to say in WSJ:

"We are strong advocates for the permanent reform of Fannie and Freddie. For years, Congress failed to act and it is deeply troubling that what we are now seeing is an exercise in crisis management rather than sound planning, and at great cost to taxpayers."
"We promise the American people that our administration will be different. We have long records of standing up to special interests and providing the leadership to change government and make it more accountable to the American taxpayer. In our administration, every agency and department will undergo rigorous oversight and review. We will require the highest standards of accounting, reporting and transparency ever demanded in government."

You go girl!!!

1) Chris Dodd $133,900
2) John Kerry $111,000
3) Barack Obama $105,849
4) Hillary Clinton $75,550

And they lecture us about "change we need" and "change we can believe in"?  Hmmm....