Sunday, August 31, 2008

Democrats heart Palin

“We may be seeing the first woman president. As a Democrat, I am reeling,” said Camille Paglia, the cultural critic. “That was the best political speech I have ever seen delivered by an American woman politician. Palin is as tough as nails.”

“Good Lord, we had barely 12 hours of Democrat optimism,” said Paglia. “It was a stunningly timed piece of PR by the Republicans.”

The Team you can "believe in"

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin is the one who can spell "energy"!

"In an election where energy has moved to the top of the agenda, Republican vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin arguably brings more credibility on the topic than anyone else on the two major tickets.
She's the governor of Alaska, where close to 85 percent of the budget comes from oil revenue. It's second only to Texas among the states in oil production.
"Between Biden, Obama and McCain, Palin is the only one who can spell 'energy.' The rest of these guys are completely clueless," said David Pursell, an analyst with Houston-based Tudor Pickering Holt & Co., an energy investment and research firm."

Meet The Next VP Of The United States

Gov. Sarah Palin is the "real thing"

"She has 13 years in elected office. By any practical standard she has done far more in the real world with much more spontaneity and practicality than Barack Obama. And there is something deeply real and courageous about John McCain ignoring most of his advisers and all of the “insider wisdom” to reach out to a younger woman whose greatest characteristic is undaunted courage and a willingness to clean out the corruption in her own party."

Governor Palin is indeed out of the establishment, and it is "the one" we were waiting for.  It's amazing all the things that Obama was promising us, we see it in Gov. Sarah Barracuda Palin!

UPDATE: More articles about Gov. Palin being the "real thing".  Read the NY Post article

Palin: Peoples Choice And Establishment Threat

"Alaska Governor Sarah Palin may be the closest thing to a genuine citizen legislator, if not the real deal, as we've seen running for high office in a long, long time. It goes without saying that were she also a liberal woman and a Democrat we wouldn't be seeing the knives come out so fast and so sharp. I suspect liberals and the establishment media are in for a big surprise."

Now this is the "Change we can believe in"....take that Mr. Obama!

Gov. Palin is Alaska's Joan of Arc!

Post-gazzette reports:

Ms. Palin, 44, has been the Joan of Arc of Alaska politics, charging into battle against long odds on such big local issues as oil taxes and construction of a natural gas pipeline -- only to see her opposition crumble.

Days after her 2006 primary victory, an FBI investigation into political corruption involving the oil industry and Republican legislators burst into view, with surprise raids of legislative offices. As criminal indictments and convictions followed, Ms. Palin's outsider status helped her maintain consistently sky-high approval ratings.

Though fearless in choosing the difficult outsider's path in politics, she remains relatively untested as a campaigner, a politician and as a two-year governor.

Gov. Sarah Barracuda Palin has more experience than Obama!

From WSJ:

“For starters, we’d say Governor Palin’s credentials as an agent of reform exceed Barack Obama’s. Mr. Obama rose through the Chicago Democratic machine without a peep of pushback. Alaska’s politics are deeply inbred and backed by energy-industry money. Mr. Obama slid past the kind of forces that Mrs. Palin took head on.”


She is "the ONE" we've been waiting for!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah's family party affiliation?

Democrats may be blasting Sarah Palin as a doctrinaire conservative, and Republicans may be embracing her for the same reason, but her husband and oldest son are independents. Or, more precisely, their party affiliation is listed as “undeclared” on voter registration records retrieved from the Alaska Division of Elections.   link

Obama talked about bringing "CHANGE" but McCain walked the talk by selecting a maverick and independent thinker like Sarah.

Five Things You Didn't Know About Sarah

  • Her youngest son has Down syndrome
  • She has a son serving in the Army
  • Her husband Todd is part Eskimo
  • She's a former beauty queen.
  • She has her own style
Read more here

Sarah on Issues

FREE MARKET – “I am a conservative Republican, a firm believer in free market capitalism. A free market system allows all parties to compete, which ensures the best and most competitive project emerges, and ensures a fair, democratic process.” 
EDUCATION – Click here to read Gov. Palin’s full position paper on Education.
GUNS AND HUNTING - “I am a lifetime member of the NRA, I support our Constitutional right to bear arms and am a proponent of gun safety programs for Alaska's youth….I have always strongly supported the personal use of fish and game by Alaskans. I grew up hunting and fishing in Alaska, and I am proud to raise my children with this same uniquely Alaskan heritage. … Anti-hunting groups who oppose hunting and fishing rights will be the winners if we allow them to pit us against ourselves….As an Alaskan with strong beliefs on this issue, I am confident in my ability to build consensus among diverse user groups and reconcile the many competing interests in a manner.”
SMALL BUSINESS – “As Mayor and CEO of the booming city of Wasilla, my team invited investment and encouraged business growth by eliminating small business inventory taxes, eliminated personal property taxes, reduced real property tax mill levies every year I was in office, reduced fees, and built the infrastructure our businesses needed to grow and prosper.”
MILITARY - “I respect our military personnel and understand the importance of Alaska's National Guard. As I watched our military men and women being deployed I recognized how important it is for their families to know how much Alaska and America support them.”
HEALTH CARE – “I support flexibility in government regulations that allow competition in health care that is needed, and is proven to be good for the consumer, which will drive down health care costs and reduce the need for government subsidies. I also support patients in their rightful demands to have access to full medical billing information.”
SOCIAL ISSUES – “I am pro-life and I believe that marriage should only be between and man and a woman.
ENVIRONMENT – “Regimes to protect Stellar Sea Lions must be based on sound science not personal agendas…I will fight in every way possible to make sure that our fishing communities are protected from the personal agendas of federal fishery managers”

“I believe in protecting Alaska's environment through fair enforcement of our environmental laws. Having a clean record on environmental regulation is critical to getting ANWR open and maintaining our fisheries mining, timber, and tourism industries.”

Source of this information. Click Here

Sarah's bio

Feb. 11, 1964 — Born in Sandpoint, Idaho.

1982 — Graduated from Wasilla High School in Wasilla, Alaska.

1987 — Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Idaho.

August 29, 1988 — Married Todd Palin, whom she would have five children with.

1992-1996 — Entered public life, serving two terms on the Wasilla City Council.

1996-2002 — Elected mayor of Wasilla City, Alaska, for two terms until term limits forced her from office.

2002 — Lost her first statewide campaign for the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor.

2002 — Frank Murkowski left the Senate to become governor and named Palin chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

2003 — Split with the party leaders by battling Randy Ruedrich, the head of Alaska’s Republican Party.

2006 — Upset then-Gov. Murkowski in the Republican primary, then defeated former two-term Gov. Tony Knowles, a Democrat, in the general election.

2007 — Pressured lawmakers to get the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act passed, to build a natural gas pipeline to deliver 35 trillion cubic feet of North Slope natural gas to market.

Aug. 29, 2008 — Chosen as Sen. John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate in the 2008 election.

H/T: HillBuzz