Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin's interviews

In her first network interview since the election, Governor Sarah Palin sat down with NBC's Matt Lauer in an extensive interview:

Well, a lot of people think you'd be best serving them in Washington. There was a recent poll of likely Republican voters. And they talked about 2012. And more than 60 of them said maybe you should be the person to have the nomination in that year. And challenge then President Obama.
Well, life is very unpredictable. And that's the excitement of life. You never know...
Have you thought about it?
...what is around the next corner. And I do not know what is around the next corner. I don't know what opportunities will be there. But I know that, today, and tomorrow, I will be in the Governor's office in Anchorage and in Juneau serving the people of Alaska.

Here are some more excerpts from her interview with FOX:
About allegedly not knowing Africa was a continent. Not true. Didn't happen. She'd long been familiar with the continent since, among other things, getting Alaskan investments out of Darfur. Same on allegedly not knowing that NAFTA includes Mexico and next-door Canada, which has considerable trade with Alaska.

On the media: Many of its members often seem eager to believe the worst about her without fully checking, taking at face value online assertions such as she was not the birth mother of Trig or that as mayor she tried to censor books that hadn't been published when she was mayor. And how much longer it seemed to take for the truth to catch up to the initial false reports.

On criticism of her: No problem. It comes with the political territory. Her family is used to it, too, from local and state politics. Well, wait, there was one moment in Philadelphia when her 14-year-old daughter Willow asked about protesters wearing T-shirts calling Palin a crude word for female genitalia.

On the clothes for her and her family: She never ordered any. Never asked for any. They were waiting when the family arrived at the Republican National Convention and belong to the Republican National Committee.

Palin said she's never set foot in a Nieman-Marcus or Saks, kept none of the purchases and prefers her own closet of clothes.