Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goodby Sarah! for now...

Congratulations to Obama for being our first black president. America is truly a great country and no one can tell us that this is a racist country. Not anymore!

However, I will miss seeing Sarah. She lost the election but she inspired many women to be more active and get involved. Because of her, the base got energized and excited. Thank you John McCain for introducing us to Gov. Palin. My wish is that Gov. Palin will be involved on the national stage. She is a talented politician and connects with average people and that's what we need more than ever. We don't need Washington elitist to tell us how to run our country. Let's take it back from them, let's get more involved.

UPDATE: Have a look at the video Ron has put together!  But we need to keep our chin up high..good times will be waiting for us!