Friday, November 7, 2008

Gov. Palin don't give any interviews! please

FOX NEW reports:
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Gov. Sarah Palin hadn't been back home in Alaska for a full day and her staff had begun fielding requests Thursday for postelection interviews, including from Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and others.
Palin had been expected at her office in Anchorage but later notified her staff that she wouldn't show up after all. She remained at her home in Wasilla, located 40 miles to the north, but was expected in her office on Friday, spokesman Bill McAllister said.
"The intensity of all the interest is amazing. Everyone wants to talk to her," he said.
Palin is coming off a whirlwind nine weeks of almost nonstop travel and campaigning since becoming Republican John McCain's vice presidential running mate in late August. McCain and Palin lost Tuesday's election to Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

These people are still trying to bring Gov. Palin down. I hope she will not give any interviews. Please call her office and urge her not to give interviews to Oprah and Barbara. They just want to use her for their ratings. Here is the contact information:

Juneau Office, Phone (907) 465-3500, Fax (907) 465-3532

Anchorage Office, Phone (907) 269-7450, Fax (907) 269-7461