Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Audacity Of Hope For Palin Fans!!!

It's our turn now, and it looks like we can dare to hope to see a woman VP in the White House. It's getting closer. The new TIPP/Investor's Business Daily Poll is out. And it's got the race tightening:

Obama 46.7% McCain/Palin 44.6% Undecided 8.7%

From the poll:

The race tightened again Sunday as independents who'd been leaning to Obama shifted to McCain to leave that key group a toss-up. McCain also pulled even in the Midwest, moved back into the lead with men, padded his gains among Protestants and Catholics, and is favored for the first time by high school graduates.

Keep your positive energies up and get out to vote, specially if you are in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Nevada and Missori. Make sure to volunteer!