Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TIME Person of the year: Gov. Sarah Palin is the 3rd runner up

Wow! I think it took a lot for TIME's editor to admit that Gov. Sarah Palin is really popular.  But instead of putting her the first runner up ( Sarkozy is the first runner up!!), they put her for 3rd runner up!  

Still congratulations is in order to Gov. Palin, just 6 month ago, she was hardly a national figure. But like it or not she is now.  

But do try to read the article about her in the TIMES and compare it to what they had to read about President elect Obama.  The contrast in the tone, one being so rosy and the other not, is amazing.  But I not surprised any more.

This will be my last post for this blog, thank you for stopping in on daily basis for the last 6 month.  I think we ended the year with a positive note for Gov. Palin. We wish her well and hope she will come back stronger and more dynamic than ever before.  

But if you still want to stay in touch, you can visit me here which is my regular non-political but inspirational blog