Saturday, October 4, 2008

More Than 13,000 Californians Came To See Gov. Palin!

I just came back from the rally.  It was an awesome event.  I was seated right behind the podium and I had an opportunity to talk to her. She gave a great speech, attacked Obama for his connection to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and talked about her record of reform in Alaska and she was extremely down to earth speaker. She also said, "Of course we want change,we want change we can live with. Change we can afford".    Also, what you will not hear in the media is that LA's National Organization for Women, Shelly Mandel endorsed Gov. Palin saying, "America, this is what feminist looks like". You can listen to the endorsement here.

Well, here are a couple more  photos from AP:

After witnessing this event and the energy among Palin's fans, I won't be surprised if McCain wins California!

More links from today's rally:

UPDATE:  Welcome "Corner" is another picture for NRO readers:
And at the end she signed my copy!